U-TECH is the Go-To Choice

OE Body Builders and Trailers

At U-TECH, we leverage our years of experience working with OE builders to bring you products that are efficient, durable and cost-effective. We understand the need for quick-build epoxy primers that will provide the best protection for even the most challenging sand-blasted steel. We also understand the need for an easy-to-apply single stage topcoat that can speed up your shop’s throughput. Not only did we design our products with these needs in mind, we also back them up with a best-in-class warranty to give you peace of mind.

Re-Image and Refurbish

U-TECH's versatile coatings assortment can help you revitalize worn-out assets. Our topcoats and basecoat deliver excellent coverage in the most vibrant and challenging colors while our clearcoats add a stunning finishing touch. Everything combines effortlessly and seamlessly to provide you with an affordable system that you can rely on to make a lasting impression every time.

Repair and Refinish

Every refinishing job is unique, and U-TECH has everything you need to meet each unique challenge. Our state-of-the-art color tools and expanded toner range ensure an accurate color match while our compact and user-friendly systems enable a seamless and durable repair. Whether it’s a semi-truck, a school bus or an ambulance, you depend on our robust products and wealth of technical knowledge to help you accomplish more without hurting your bottom line.

Equipment Protection

Customers seeking tough yet easy-to-apply coatings to protect their valuable machinery have found an unexpected partner in U-TECH. Our products’ proven protection of hard-working vehicles has earned them a vital place at many machinery and equipment shops. Feel free to contact us to find out more.