About U-TECH

Strength in simplicity

Our heritage is rooted in providing quality products at a reasonable cost. We’ve done this by keeping our system simple through continuous development. Customers have always been able to rely on a product range that’s compact, flexible, and easy to apply.

Versatile. Durable. Productive.

Our three brand values underpin everything we do as a company. U-TECH is a versatile and compact system that you can depend on time after time. You can place your confidence in a system that is durable and yet productive to support you deliver a seamless job at maximum value.

Robust backing

Founded in 1979 as part of MAC Specialty Coatings, U-TECH joined the AkzoNobel family in 2001, which enabled customers to benefit from exceptional resources and support. This includes the very latest color tools as well as the expertise of one of the world’s most influential paint and coatings companies.

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