U-TECH Product Lines

Driven by Durability
The Original U-TECH line has a complete assortment of products that are VOC compliant for the fleet coatings market. This includes commercial vehicles, buses, tractors and light industrial equipment that uses products derived from car refinishes paint technology.
The philosophy of the U-TECH brand is to provide a truly universal toner assortment that covers issues such as color match, durability, and appearance

One Mixing System does it all!

Better Process.  Better Results.
The NEW U-TECH Single Stage now offers a more compact assortment designed specifically for the Commercial Vehicle color palette. The result; enhanced color quality, faster inventory turns and an improved bottom line.
U-TECH’s long-standing commitment to affordability and performance is now strengthened by our dedication to providing a paint process with far less complexity and greater ease of use.

U-TECH. Less Stress.  Greater Success.