3.8 Polyurethane System - High Solids System


U-TECH 3.8 System High Solids low VOC 2K Polyurethane single stage topcoat designed to produces a very flexible impact resistant film.  U-TECH 3.8 Polyurethane, incredible hiding power that meets the productivity needs of the Fleet market as well as the light commercial to heavy commercial markets.

More importantly the intermix tinting system allows for color formulas available for both fleet and automotive saving time and reducing cost.

3991703.8 System Black3/4 Gallon
3991983.8 System Black5 Gallons
3991913.8 System White5 Gallons
3991923.8 System White3/4 Gallon
399012C3.8 Blender5 Gallon
399013C3.8 Blender53 Gallon
399011C3.8 Blender1 Gallon
399095A3.8 Activator for 3.8 HSP1 Gallon
399096A3.8 Activator for 3.8 HSP1 Quart