200 System - Acrylic Urethane Single Stage


U-TECH 200 System is a hybrid of both polyester and acrylic resins. Polyester for toughness and chemical resistance, acrylic for long-term weathering and film flexibility.  Intermix tints allow for immediate color availability in fleet as well as automotive formulas.

U-TECH 200 System, incredible hiding power that meets the productivity needs of the Fleet market as well as the light commercial to heavy commercial markets.

399158200 System Black3/4 Gallon
399177200 System Black5 Gallon
399159200 System White3/4 Gallon
399161200 System White5 Gallon
399001C200 Blender5 Gallon
399002C200 Blender53 Gallon
399000C200 Blender1 Gallon
399003C200 Flat Blender1 Gallon
399085A200 Activator1 Gallon
399086A200 Activator1 Quart