2.8 Polyurethane System - One Coat System


​​​U-TECH 2.8 system High Solids low VOC 2K Polyurethane single stage topcoat designed for single coat application.  U-TECH 2.8 HSP is formulated from high solids acrylic urethane and polyurethane resins, which provide long sun fastness as well as commercial grade chemical resistance.

Incredible hiding power that meets the productivity needs of the Fleet market as well as the light commercial to heavy commercial markets.  Single application process saves on time and material.

3991712.8 System Black 3/4 Gallon 
3991692.8 System Black 5 Gallons 
3991942.8 System White 5 Gallons
3991952.8 System White 3/4 Gallon 
399006C28 Blender 1 Gallon 
399007C28 Blender5 Gallon 
399087A28 Activator for 2.8 HSP 1 Gallon 
399088A28 Activator for 2.8 HSP1 Quart